The Perfect Optimal Wellness Plan

For Optimal Wellness, it takes 3 simple plans to change your Life. Eat Right, Think Right and Exercise Right!! Metacea has the answer, join our Metacea Wellness 180 Program and experience the difference that you will see and feel. Join us on Tuesday’s at 6:56pm est for our full business overview.

Early Morning Workouts


When you exercise in the morning, it provides you with a wide range of benefits that offers physical and mental gratification. Morning exercises will help in gaining all the long lost strength from the previous day, and will help boost your metabolism. Experts say that if one worksout for 45 minutes in the morning, for the next 48 hours your metabolism rates goes up to a maximum.Here are some workout fitness tips for early morning.
Early morning workout fitness tips are:
1.Long warm ups: Before you start your early morning workout, you need to do a small warm up first. Stretching is the best warm up fitness tip for you to follow.
2.Meals: It is advisable to have a light meal if you are having a late dinner. When you have a heavy dinner late, you will not only arise late for your early morning workout, but your tummy will feel heavy too in the morning.
3.Weights: Lifting weights at an early morning workout session is one of the ways to keep your heart healthy and body active.
4.Early to bed: You need to store enough energy for your early morning workout, therefore it is advisable for you to follow a regular sleep pattern.
5.Exercise your enjoy: If you are a regular exercise-holic, you must be fond of one form of exercise you enjoy to do. Start your early morning workout with the exercise you love the most.
Do. Positive. ~ Be. Do. Think.
Drink Metacea
Your body, mind and soul will thank you!!

Don’t Miss our Super Saturday July 12th – Metacea Empowerment Session

Have you RSVP’d yet to our Super Saturday this weekend? Email to let him know you will be coming and how many people you would like to bring for our free Metacea Empowerment Session. Don’t miss this event if you truly want to make a Difference in the lives of many. The Metacea Movement is made up of Empowered Difference Makers who are on a Mission to take this Global. Clear your calendar for Saturday Morning, RSVP today and share this event with your friends. July 12th, 2014 at 9am – 12pm est at our Corporate Headquarters in Jacksonville.

Please don’t forget to RSVP to
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Metacea Marketing Empowerment Session


This is a Empowerment Session not to be missed for July 12th at the Metacea Corporate office from 9-12. If you are building Metacea as a business then you need to be there on this day. We will live webcast it as well for all to see. This is for the serious Difference Makers. Please RSVP to

A little Metacea Monday Motivation to start your week right!!


It will require “Time”
It will require “Dedication”
It will require “Willpower”
You will have to make “Tough Decisions”
It will require “Sacrifice”
You will need to push yourself to the “Max”
But I promise you, when you reach your Goal, it is “Worth it”

A little Fun for Tuesday!

IcanA little Fun for Tuesday, who can find the Metacea shaker in this pic? Go!! And don’t forget, “Yes You Can and Yes You Will”!!